Why choose mobile services?

Massage Therapy and spa treatments once acknowledged as an indulgent luxury, are now recognized for their holistic approach to wellness. Receiving massages on a regular basis serves as prevention and maintenance so that the body stays healthy muscularly and contributes to reduce the impact of stress on the body. Research has shown that massage therapy can relieve stress, anxiety, and  has been found to lower blood pressure, decrease pain, strengthen the immune system, and improve circulation.

So while making massage part of your regular wellness routine may seem like an indulgence , in reality, it's an effective and relaxing way to keep your body healthy and stress-free.

  • We make all the arrangements—you just pick the day, time, services desired and place

  • No traveling required! Your not wasting time fighting rush hour or dealing with weather conditions

  • Experienced, licensed and insured professionals.

  • Full 60 minute  massage sessions

  • Customized treatments in the comfort of your own home.

  • Spend time with  friends and family while sharing the spa experience in the same room.

  • Massage gift certificates are available and make the perfect gift for your friends and family!